Title: The Kingdom of God is Here
Speaker: Pastor Brian Beale

Title: Wake-up Call to Church
Speaker: Bishop Robinson Fondong
Venue: CMFI Westminster, Maryland
Scripture: Matthew 11:12

Title:Understanding the Feast of Trumpets
Speaker: Pastor Jim Murphy

Intimacy With God // Mummy Hannah Mbafor

Title: CMFI History
Speaker: Mummy Prisca Fomum
Venue: CMFI Westminster, MD

History of CMFI by Mummy Prisca Fomum in CMFI Westminster, MD

Title: The Righteousness of God
Speaker: Bishop Robinson Fondong

Tithe: Flood and Noah's Ark Revealing Jesus
Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Fondong
Scriptures: Genesis 6,7, and 8

Title: Righteousness is a Gift
Speaker: Bishop Robinson Fondong

Title: Activating God's Promises
Speaker: Pastor Celestine Nakeli
Scriptures: Genesis 21: 1-7
Venue: CMFI Westminster, MD